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You Are Here Tour

Jenny Lawson is on tour for her latest book, You Are Here, and last night she was in Louisville. My best friend, Haleigh, who encouraged me to read her book Furiously Happy, lives in Louisville. I had to drive about 6-7 hours round trip to make it there, but it was so worth it.

She did a reading of the introduction to her new book and then jumped right into the Q&A. People asked about everything from her cats and raccoons to advice about writing and feeling better. There were snafus with the way the signing was organized and having to wait and the music being loud, but I would do it all again. I don’t think my retelling can do it justice, but it was a great night.


There wasn’t time for her to get to my question, but when she was signing my book I did get to talk to her.

“Mostly because of Furiously Happy, I recently signed up for my first ever counseling session,” I told her.

“That’s awesome! Signing up for the first one is the hardest part and finding your right therapist is like finding a best friend.” Jenny Lawson seemed so kind and genuine and like a real life human, not like some untouchable celebrity or android or octopus or something. If you haven’t read her books, I highly suggest you do so and see her on tour, too, if you get the chance.


Here’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Furiously Happy, and You Are Here all on Amazon. I listened to the first two on Audible (they’re read by the author!).


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