Goddamn Beautiful, pt. 2

In response to my post, “Goddamn Beautiful” (I can respond to my own posts, right?):

No, sadness, pain, and depression are not beautiful things. They aren’t anyone’s favorite chapter, or chapters, in their life. But I’m not saying they aren’t worth talking about or that they’re not important. I’m not saying I don’t need to talk about my own problems and read and relate to others’, I just want to see the good times, too.

I stand by my viewpoint that we shouldn’t try to make sadness beautiful, that is to say, romanticize it. Yes, it should be talked about in the right times with the right people. But I don’t want someone random to come up to me on a good day and say, “Hey, you were depressed, right? Why?” That’s different also from someone, even someone random, saying, “Hey, I’m having a sad day, and I know you’re all too familiar with these, what do you do to feel better?” In one, someone is interrupting my good mood to make me think about my insecurities because they’re curious or nosy or something???? In the other, they are reaching out to me and seeking help. As I see it, if I can use my experience to help someone, then that’s me turning a negative into a positive. Other than that, it can be hard to see the positives, and it’s easy for me, and everyone, to only think about the negatives.

They aren’t the best parts of our lives, but the lows in life are just as important as the highs. In fact, I think they make you more grateful for “good times.” I think I’m able to appreciate the beautiful moments in my life, like the one I described in “Goddamn Beautiful.”

I guess what I’ve been trying to say is everything in life can’t be beautiful, but the times that aren’t make you more grateful for the ones that are.


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