Ole Henrikseon Find Your Balance Review

DISCLAIMER: I recieved these products free for testing purposes from Ole Henriksen and Influenster

Hello, and welcome to another beauty/makeup type post on my blog, if you’re not into that, there’s no need to read any further, have a wonderful day!

My skin has been very oily and acne prone for like my whole life, so I was really happy to receive an oil balancing set from Influenster and Ole Henriksen to try out. I’d never heard of the brand before, but I’ve since seen it sold at Sephora, so this isn’t some drugstore, cheap-y system.

Here’s everything they sent me, can you say A+ packaging?

First step in the process: I wet my face and massage the Cleanser in until it’s lathered, then I rinse it off and dry my face just a little

Next step: I put some of the Toner on a cotton pad and rub it around all over my face.

Last step: I massage some of the Hydrator into my face and neck. This is my favorite step because as a person with oily skin, there aren’t a lot of hydrating products that don’t transform into an oil slick, but this one doesn’t.

I’ve had some trouble with acne and oil lately, but after I use this, my skin feels clean and dry (in a good way!). It has a cooling effect and feels and smells vaguely like tea tree and menthol and acne medication . They suggest using it one to two times a day, but I, with my skin type and preference, personally wouldn’t use it everyday for a couple reasons. One, it feels strongly medicated and I’m adverse to using something harsh on my skin everyday. And two, I’m lazy and this is a three step process, if it was just one thing, I might use it everyday. In fact, I might find myself using the third step everyday because I like it and like how it feels.

Overall, I enjoy these products and am so happy and thankful to have received them! They retail at Sephora for $34, which is less than I’d thought it would be, honestly.

I’m not beating down anyone’s door to get them to try it, but it is nice, high quality and makes my skin feel very good and refreshed and clean. Plus, I mean, look at that #oleGlow

Ps, if you’re interested in signing up for Influenster, please use my referral link!


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