A song about grief and depression

“Winter In My Heart” by The Avett Brothers. Give it a listen.tree-530324_1920.jpgThis song describes exactly what depression is like to me. It’s about how you feel stuck and blue, even when you’re supposed to be celebrating:

A million colors fill my eyes
The roman candles and the stars
Calendar says July 4th
But it’s still winter in my heart

(Side note, a later lyric references August 1st, my birthday, just a coincidence, but perhaps makes it more meaningful to me in particular.)

Recently listening to it, I thought about grief, mine over the loss of my grandfather last November in particular. I felt like my family moved on and felt better so much faster than I could, that everyone felt normal again when I still feel this giant hole:

They say seasons turn in time
Theirs are changing, why won’t mine?

I don’t have too much else to say about it other than that it helps me and maybe it could help you, too. And to The Avett Brothers, thank you


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