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Hey, y’all, I got another VoxBox from Influenster! I received the Clairol Color Crave VoxBox free for testing.

Here’s a video of me trying out what they sent me:

If you’d like to receive free products ranging from makeup to hair product to snacks from Influenster, sign up here for FREE: 


bareMinerals BarePRO Foundation

I received bareMinerals BarePRO Foundation free for testing from Influenster in exchange for honest reviews online. If you’d like to join Influenster, please use my referral link.


I got this product about a month ago and have put it through multiple tests so I like to think I’ve got a good idea of how well it works:


  • Color match is great for me and the overall range is pretty large with 30 shades
  • Medium coverage (It’s listed as full though…)
  • Lightweight and feels good on
  • Awesome packaging! Bottle is thick and luxurious, pump works well AND LOCKS, it’s all simple and sleek
  • Relatively long lasting — for the most part


  • Difficult to blend and NOT buildable! If you want to build coverage, use a different foundation because this one just picks product up and gets patchy
    • And forget about making it have more coverage by using a sponge, that produces the same result
  • Not ideal for oily skin, but not the worst
    • Rubs off of my nose (but I’m oily and I wear glasses so…)

The way I’ve gotten this to work for me is by mixing in Urban Decay’s Velvetizer. This makes it have a little more coverage, be more blendable, and last a little longer (especially on my nose). However, I have to use more product for each application and it takes more time.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend this product and won’t use it on a daily basis, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever tried.

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A Zen Moment brought to you by Tree Hut

Hey, guys, I can’t sleep. It’s because I fell asleep at 7 pm, but still. So since I’m up anyways, I thought I’d do a quick post while I’m relaxing before I’m actually supposed to be awake.

So to help me with that, I’m doing a charcoal mud mask from Tree Hut. It was sent to me by Influenster free for testing! (If you’re interested in trying Influenster, here’s my referral link!)


The directions say, “apply a thin layer on clean skin and cover face completely.” I like using the e.l.f. mask spatula pictured to apply this, it makes it nice and even and doesn’t get stuff all over your hands. Next, all we gotta do is wait for it to dry, it takes about 10-15 minutes to start cracking. Then, we’ll remove it with warm water.

I really like how this mask feels! It’s very cooling and tightening without being too much. It also smells like sunscreen, but in a good way!

While I’m taking time to relax, I’m thinking about my old standby mantra. Whenever I get overwhelmed I often repeat to myself, “Everything’s gonna be okay.” I’ve done it for a long time, but lately it doesn’t really help. Not that I don’t believe it, I know that everything will be okay, that I’ll be okay. It’s just that lately it hasn’t been what I need to remember. What I really need during those times, is just to breathe. So, what I’m going to try to do now is tell myself to just breathe followed by a big breath in, holding it in for a hot minute before slowly letting it out.

Now, I’m gonna wash off this mask and start my day!



Ole Henrikseon Find Your Balance Review

DISCLAIMER: I recieved these products free for testing purposes from Ole Henriksen and Influenster

Hello, and welcome to another beauty/makeup type post on my blog, if you’re not into that, there’s no need to read any further, have a wonderful day!

My skin has been very oily and acne prone for like my whole life, so I was really happy to receive an oil balancing set from Influenster and Ole Henriksen to try out. I’d never heard of the brand before, but I’ve since seen it sold at Sephora, so this isn’t some drugstore, cheap-y system.

Here’s everything they sent me, can you say A+ packaging?

First step in the process: I wet my face and massage the Cleanser in until it’s lathered, then I rinse it off and dry my face just a little

Next step: I put some of the Toner on a cotton pad and rub it around all over my face.

Last step: I massage some of the Hydrator into my face and neck. This is my favorite step because as a person with oily skin, there aren’t a lot of hydrating products that don’t transform into an oil slick, but this one doesn’t.

I’ve had some trouble with acne and oil lately, but after I use this, my skin feels clean and dry (in a good way!). It has a cooling effect and feels and smells vaguely like tea tree and menthol and acne medication . They suggest using it one to two times a day, but I, with my skin type and preference, personally wouldn’t use it everyday for a couple reasons. One, it feels strongly medicated and I’m adverse to using something harsh on my skin everyday. And two, I’m lazy and this is a three step process, if it was just one thing, I might use it everyday. In fact, I might find myself using the third step everyday because I like it and like how it feels.

Overall, I enjoy these products and am so happy and thankful to have received them! They retail at Sephora for $34, which is less than I’d thought it would be, honestly.

I’m not beating down anyone’s door to get them to try it, but it is nice, high quality and makes my skin feel very good and refreshed and clean. Plus, I mean, look at that #oleGlow

Ps, if you’re interested in signing up for Influenster, please use my referral link!


Makeup of the Day (well, yesterday but whatever)

I had a good day yesterday, I was happy! I know it’s correlation, not necessarily causation, but I took the time to do my makeup in the morning.

In the last couple months, I’ve been posting about makeup on Instagram (@rachelswatches) and it’s made me both better at makeup and more confident in my skills and myself. That said, I’m going to do a word-and-picture tutorial on how I did my makeup yesterday! (If this isn’t your thing, sorry, peace out, girl scout, maybe I’ll see you next time).

Here’s the products I used!img_4127

First, prime your face. I use e.l.f. Blemish Control Face Primer followed by Covergirl tru blend Face Primer for Oily Skin, and apply them with a wet Real Techniques something-something-Diamond sponge thing (honestly whoever thought of that name? It’s like a year too long. I’ve given you enough to google if you want it or whatever)

Next, prime your eyelids. I use Ulta Nude Matte Eye Primer and put it on with a fluffy brush.

For eyeshadow, I mostly used Tarte’s Tartelette in Bloom palette, so all the color names I’m using are coming from that. I also used Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadow in the shade Truth.

I put charmer all over my lid and under my brow bone.

Blend jetsetter into the crease and a little along the bottom of the lid just above the lashes.img_4107

Use a fluffy brush to put smokeshow on the outer corner of your lid.img_4108

Simg_4109pray a packing brush with setting spray (I use NYX Matte Finish because I have a bottle but I don’t like it as a finishing spray. I felt very cakey, I prefer Urban Decay De-slick or Makeup Revolution’s Oil Control Spray or Milani’s Make it Last, which is what I used here). Anyway, with your sprayed packing brush, pick up rocker and pack it on the center to inner corner of the lid. The setting spray helps make the color stick longer and shadows with shimmer and glitters more opaque.

Use the blending brush to soften everything up.


Next, you do foundation and concealer and set everything. I use Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous, Tarte Shape Tape, and Coty Airspun Face Powder. I put the foundation on and spread my concealer with my Diamond whatever sponge and set everything with my powder with a big powder brush from It Cosmetics. I put concealer under my eyes and up toward my temples, up the bridge of my nose, in a fan on my forehead, and over all my blemishes and pimples and stuff.img_4112

So then you have most of your eyeshadow and your foundation done. According to all the YouTube videos about makeup that I watch, you do it in this order to prevent fallout from the eye makeup from sticking to your foundation.

Next, to finish up the eyes! I use Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadow in the shade Truth with a like pointed concealer brush (I’m using The Finger from Urban Decay) to put it in the very inner corner, right by the bridger of the nose. With the same shade, I take an eye smudger brush to drag it along the inner third of the lower lash line. Then, with the eye smudger, I go back to the Tarte palette and pick up jetsetter and put it along the rest of the lower lash line, attaching it to the outer corner shadow.img_4115

Next, I use Ulta Warm Matte Bronzer with a fat fan brush along around my forehead, down my temples, and into the hollows of my cheeks.img_4116

Then, I use LORAC’s California Dreaming cheek palette for blush and highlighter. I use the shade Ray for blush and Sunlight for highlightimg_4117

I haven’t been much into eyeliner lately, so I just throw on Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara.

To finish the look, I use Beauty Bakerie’s Lip Whip in the shade Salted Caramel Mocha and use my Milani setting spray to lock everything in.

And voila! The finished look!



The Girl He Tells You Not To Worry About:img_4125

I hope you enjoyed this! I certainly enjoyed making it 😊